WUFI® Simulations

The thermal and moisture conditions and transport in buildings and building components are coupled. It is well known that high moisture levels result in higher heat losses, and the temperature conditions in building components influence the moisture transport. Analysis of the coupling of heat and moisture is known as “hygrothermics.” WUFI® performs dynamic simulations of coupled heat and moisture transfer. The methods have been validated world wide and provide realistic simulation of hygrothermal conditions in building components and buildings under actual climate conditions. WUFI® is based on the latest knowledge in vapor diffusion and liquid transport in building materials. WUFI is currently the only hygrothermal modeling software that complies with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 160 – “Criteria for Moisture-Control Design Analysis in Buildings”. French Engineering is experienced and trained in the use of WUFI software to analyze and simulate proposed, new, or existing construction assemblies of all types, whether it be walls, roofs, or below-grade structures. Let us help you design your next project to the exacting energy and moisture standards of modern codes.

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