Renovation Designs

Plans & Specifications

Once the performance problems at any project are analyzed and reported in a proper Building Condition Survey, the experienced architectural and engineering consultants at French Engineering are particularly adept at implementing the desired renovation and remedial work by producing professional quality construction documents specific to the needs of each project. These documents may consist of a comprehensive Project Manual covering all aspects of the proposed work with a complete set of drawings, plans, and details sufficient to describe the work required. Alternatively, for projects of small size or limited scope, French Engineering can modify the construction documents as necessary to provide the specific corrective work required. These modified documents can be abbreviated to reduce engineering fees, yet target the problem areas on any particular building.

Contract Administration

Once appropriate Construction Documents have been developed, the Project Engineers and Project Managers at French Engineering are experienced and knowledgeable in providing full contract administration services. These services may consist of attendance or conductance of a Pre-Bid Conference, evaluation of bids and recommendation of award, attendance or conductance of appropriate Pre-Construction Meetings with the contractor(s) as required to discuss project objectives, open lines of communication, outline site restrictions and time constraints, etc. In addition, French Engineering may act during the work to review submittals and shop drawings, attend or conduct regular progress meetings, provide responses to requests for information, review payment requests, resolve problems related to concealed conditions, answer technical questions, etc. Finally, French Engineering may conduct an inspection to determine incomplete or non-conforming work, conduct a final inspection to determine whether punch list items have been properly addressed, as well as issue a certificate of substantial completion.

Quality Assurance Inspections

During the construction process, whether new construction or renovation, it is almost always beneficial to have the experienced Project Managers and Quality Assurance Observers from French Engineering perform inspections of the work to assure conformance with approved submittals, adherence to specification and drawing requirements, and compliance with recognized industry standards pertaining to workmanship and construction practice.

It is generally true that you don’t get what you "expect," you get what you "inspect." French Engineering has provided quality assurance inspections for millions of square feet of roofing using all different types of membranes, as well as millions of dollars worth of cladding systems, for both new construction and renovation projects. Our experience in performing forensic investigations of failed cladding and roof systems, as well as our knowledge of proper materials and correct installation procedures, allows us to apply the "lessons learned" to the implementation of our new construction and remediation projects. The avoidance of problems during construction, as well as the overall quality of the finished product, generally pays for itself in regard to the minimal inspection fees expended.

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