Forensic Studies & Litigation Support

Because of the sterling reputation built over the last three decades, French Engineering is sought out by attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants involved in various types of construction litigation.  The principals of French Engineering are experienced and have obtained the credentials necessary to provide forensic studies, expert testimony and litigation support for construction related disputes related to virtually every issue pertaining to the exterior building envelope, as well as for the standard of care for roofing, waterproofing, and curtain wall design and construction matters. We have provided litigation support services for government agencies, building owners, building developers, architectural firms, contractors, and manufacturers. In each case, French Engineering provides an unbiased, objective evaluation of the facts and assists in developing the strongest case possible on behalf of our clients. In addition, we are able to assist in evaluating any weaknesses that may be inherent for any legal endeavor and suggest opportunities to strengthen that portion of the case. All of these services are performed with the highest degree of ethical treatment and integrity, assuring sound and credible construction support.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming project with our engineering consultants. We proudly offer our services for commercial and institutional buildings nationwide.