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Design and build the right structure with guidance from French Engineering, LLC. Our engineering consulting firm works with clients on a nationwide basis to develop and construct buildings for a range of industries. Use our engineering consulting services today to discover your options.

Engineering Consulting Firm

French Engineering, LLC is a specialty engineering firm that has successfully provided consulting services for numerous commercial and institutional buildings throughout the United States. Primarily, our consulting has involved the 3 areas in which we have a broad depth of experience, which are roofing, waterproofing, and curtain wall consulting. For more than 30 years, the principals of French Engineering have been directly involved in the design, construction, and rehabilitation of a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. French Engineering was founded in 1990 and has sustained a controlled growth rate that allows us to meet the needs of our most demanding clients nationwide, yet maintain intimate business relationships that promote a reasonable response time for your needs.

As a national engineering consulting firm, French Engineering has previously provided consulting services for numerous buildings throughout the United States. These services have included design development for new construction, review of shop drawings, construction inspection, forensic analysis and troubleshooting for existing buildings, as well as the development of rehabilitation and remedial plans. In addition, we have conducted testing on a number of buildings in accordance with recognized industry criteria, such as ASTM, AAMA, Factory Mutual, etc. Our experience in analyzing and investigating buildings that have manifested problems with respect to the building envelope allows us to apply the "lessons learned" to our new construction projects, and assist architects in avoiding the types of problems we commonly see.

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