Building Envelope Condition Surveys

French Engineering has performed condition surveys on hundreds of buildings of different types throughout the United States, as well as several foreign countries. Condition surveys of the exterior building envelope are used by building owners, property managers, facility managers, and real estate executives to evaluate the current condition of a building or parking garage, and to determine future maintenance requirements and projected budgets.

Our experience in performing these surveys allows us to quickly and economically assess the conditions and needs at each project, and to establish appropriate recommendations for repair, replacement, or renovation. Our history of past projects allows us to develop budget projections for planning and scheduling the renovation work, as well as to assist in establishing priorities for separate phases of the work, if required.

Building Diagnostics

French Engineering has a special expertise in conducting forensic investigations on existing buildings for the purpose of diagnosing problems related to moisture migration, interior building leakage, material deterioration, condensation, and structural failure.

We are capable of bringing to bear a combination of design and construction experience, innovative approaches, and standardized diagnostic testing in order to fully assess the cause of performance problems and failures in various construction components and assemblies. No more will repairs be haphazardly performed with less-than-satisfactory results. Once the problems are properly diagnosed by our team of experts, then appropriate remedial measures can be developed, designed, and implemented for each project to address the specific conditions causing the problems.

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